Development and Reform Commission said that four factors determine the price will not last rose

Although the August CPI to hit new 22-month high, but do not think the price Development and Reform Commission will continue to rise sharply.

Development and Reform Commission released on 15 August the situation of the price that the August consumer price index (CPI) rose 3.5% to highest level this year, mainly holiday spending increased by short-term factors, the general price level is not late have continued to rise sharply based, CPI 3% to achieve the expected full-year goal of regulation is entirely possible.

 Development and Reform Commission that the August CPI rose as high as 3.5%, on the one hand is affected by short-term increase in holiday consumer factors; the other hand, with the first half after running low pig prices continued to rise on restorative.

However, from the late trend, the Development and Reform Commission that the general price level do not have the sustained sharp rise in the base. First, food prices will stabilize, as the main basis for agricultural price stability. Northeast rice, corn, corn in North China and southern regions are growing better than expected late this year, is expected to get a good autumn grain harvest, will help protect the food supply, keeping food prices stable. Second, hog prices will stabilize. Gradually to market will soon be in April this year, purchasing and storage of the frozen part of the central reserve to protect the two during the market supply. Coupled with the current pig production levels remained high, pig and pork prices will remain stable. Third, prices of industrial consumer goods will remain flat to down trend; living classes, services prices are mostly government guidance is still in place, the Government can seize the price adjustment based on the macroeconomic situation of the intensity and rhythm. After four months of last year's hikes prices will quickly fade, post up or down in favor.

Many experts also hold the same view. XU Jian CICC macro analysts believe that through the various components of the CPI and the future comprehensive study of seasonal factors, inflation is expected to increase in the third quarter, but by the end of inflationary pressures will gradually decline, reaching about 3%. Lu, senior economist, political commissar of the Industrial Bank also believes that the peak will appear in this year's CPI from July to October, will not be climbing higher and higher, the annual CPI at 3% or so no problem.

Development and Reform Commission Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of the fourth summer in Davos recently also pointed out that the state attaches great importance to manage inflation expectations, if properly managed, the annual CPI at 3% of the target can be achieved. Zhang Xiaoqiang believe that, through regulation, future food prices are expected to remain at a reasonable space; the industrial market competition, there is a certain decline in the price space; and import prices of commodities have rebounded sharply in the case of the next three to four months less likely to rise sharply again.