Henan May &Well I/ E Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 10.01 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the sales of raw materials for the chemical fiber and paper industry as a sale agent.

Since its establishment, May& Well has always upheld the business philosophy of "being a world-class raw material supplier". Through continuous improvement of our professional level, constant development and innovation, we make a great effort to meet the needs of customers in the fields of viscose fiber, papermaking and chemical industry. We are destined to provide abundant resources and professional services for China's rapidly developing viscose fiber and paper industry.

May &Well is mainly committed to continuous development and innovation in the field of chemical fiber and paper industry. At present, the mainly supplying resources of the company include dissolving grade wood pulp for viscose fiber, chemical additives for fiber; wood pulp for papermaking; wood pulp for filtration, etc. Besides, we are actively developing the spoelalty pulp market for medicine and food, and the export market of viscose fiber, downstream chemical fiber and textiles.

May &Well has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with the world-class major raw material manufacturers in the viscose fiber, paper, and chemical fields, such as Rayonier of the United States, Tembec of Canada, Phoenix Paper of Thailand, and Levaco of Germany. And we also acquired the agent qualification of wood pulp, special wood pulp and other products in China, to ensure the stable raw material supply for the demand of domestic end-users.

Over the years, the annual import and export trade volume of May &Well has increased continuously, and the company is currently actively developing its export business of viscose fiber and paper.

May &Well is committed to building a pioneering, professional and dedicated management team. By improving the professional quality of the team and standardizing the business process, it can provide customers with "safe, green" products and "efficient and convenient" services.